Mysterious Japan

Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is truly the land of contrasts; modern and traditional, tranquil and bustling, colorful and subtle, rice fields and legendary cities.  The added bonus for fiber enthusiasts is that textiles play a major role in the Japanese culture of the past as well as today.  Beautiful kimono, elaborate obi, utilitarian yet lovely noren (doorway curtains), blue and white cotton yukata (bath robes), and brightly colored banners are all examples of textiles you see everywhere you look.  On this amazing tour we will weave kimono fabric, try our hand at kakishibu shibori (persimmon dyeing), enjoy Saori weave in a temple, experience kaga yuzen silk dyeing, learn about ikebana flower arranging and other traditional arts. This variety of activities and more will enhance our tour of Kyoto, Miyajima, Kanazawa, Tokyo and a countryside onsen (Japanese hot spring).


March 2020

Dates and details to be released soon.

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