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SAORI Weaving in British Columbia, August 2016

"You opened so many doors for me!!!!  I feel renewed inside!  

Thanks so much.  ~Julie F.

"Thanks for a lovely experience of weaving, local flavours and companionship." ~ Kathy L.

The Enchantment of Peru, April - May, 2016

"Peru was amazing!  The trips I take with you just keep on getting better and better."  ~ Kathy G.

"It was a wonderful trip. Every day was an inspirational learning experience with nice people."  ~ Suzanne M.

"Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this trip and managing all of us as individuals.  You made it look effortless. ~ Angela F.

We just had to share the backdrop scenery for our dinner in Guatemala!

"I have quite a bit of travel experience yet this trip will be one of a few which will always be extra special and meaningful.  Visiting weavers in their homes was to get beyond the surface of their lives."  ~Zsuzsa B.

Check out the scarves we wove in Guatemala, March 2016

Weaving Zapotec Dreams in Oaxaca January 2016

Natural Dyeing in Teotitlan, Oaxaca   January 2016

Zapotec Weaving and Celebrating the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

October 2015

"I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed the Oaxaca trip.  It has been a dream of mine to weave in Oaxaca for about 20 years, and Loomdancer made that dream a possibility. Even though I usually organize my own independent trips, I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to plan and organize something like this for myself."

~ Dawn L.

Navajo Weaving in Canyon de Chelly: The Next Step

September 2015

Thanks so much for a great trip!  You do an awesome job! ~ Lucinda S.

Our Two Most Recent SAORI Weaving Trips in British Columbia

August 2015

I'm still high from the trip!  Loved every minute of it!  ~ Nancy B.

I learned so much from Terri and all the other weavers. And the schedule was just right. Plenty to do but sooo relaxing and plenty of time to refuel. Thanks again, Cari, for all you did to make this trip so great!  ~ Becky D.

Knitting in Iceland, June 2015

"It was a wonderful trip!  Thanks for all you did to make it that way.  Such a great group!  Ragga, our knitting instructor, was wonderful and so, of course, was Iceland.  I would be interested in another knitting adventure!"   ~ Kim. P

Navajo Weaving in Canyon de Chelly, April 2015

"THANK YOU for a wonderful weaving odyssey in Canyon de Chelly!  I learned so much about the Navajo culture and weaving history of that region, as well as the actual weaving technique.  Cari's endless energy, positive attitude and problem solving ability made it a joy to be a part of the group." ~ Peggy L.

Our Two Most Recent Trips to Oaxaca

Meet Our Amazing New Zapotec Weavers in January and February 2015

"I am suffering PLETS--post letdown euphoric trip syndrome. 
This was a trip of a lifetime- loved every minute. 
Thanks for this experience.  Loved our group."  ~ Carol R.


Weaving with Margaret Cunningham at Glencolmcille Folk Village, Ireland October 2014

"Ireland was awesome!

Thank you so much for everything you did to make it wonderful!"

"As always, had a magnificent time and can't wait for the next one!!! "

~ Jon K.


SAORI Weaving on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia July 2014
"I am still dreaming of everything. I don't know how you keep finding the oasis's in the world, but thank you for taking me on yet another life changing adventure. It has set me off onto new directions and journeys. "   ~Karen E.


Loom Dancers at Machu Picchu May 2014

"Loved every minute!  The thoughtful itinerary, careful selection of hotels, wonderful weaving experiences and cheerful, positive atmosphere made this a fantastic trip!

~ Martha D.

Navajo Weaving in Canyon de Chelly

Navajo Weaving in Canyon de Chelly April 2014

I can't thank you enough for the fabulous trip you planned in experiencing Navajo weaving and culture in the Four Corners area of the US. It was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever experienced and loved how it balanced hands-on experiences, as well as intellectual stimulation.  ~ Margie F.


Weaving at Stirling Castle, Scotland, October 2013

I am not sure I have the words to describe the fun and adventure.  It was the greatest trip ever.  Thanks for the new friends and lasting memories!

~ Suzy and Tim

The Unicorn Tapestries in Stirling Castle


Ravenstail Medicine Bags in British Columbia August 2013

"The program was delightful and the medicine bag a work of wonder. Thanks so much for your skillful coordination and upbeat atmosphere.

It was a delightful excursion."

~Martha D

Come explore the spirit of global fiber arts...

Spinning in Oaxaca